A high margin with clothes from


Girls and woman clothes of good quality, that is what you receive as a retailer from RM-Collections. Many fashion brands use various links between the design and the delivery of clothes. This increases the purchase price. RM-Collections designs, produces and distributes the clothes all by itself. This creates a lower price for the same quality. In this way, you as a retailer receive a better margin of usually 3.0.


What is special about our collections?

RM-Collections clothing is timeless, caused by the avoiding of extreme (seasonal) colours and outstanding prints. At the same time, every collection is given a subtle touch, creating a basic outfit with a twist. This basic outfit is easily combinable with other clothes from your store. We as well often vary with two skirt lengths, to make sure length and model are perfectly appropriate for your client.

Features of RM-Collections

  • Girl clothes
  • Midscale prices
  • Timeless clothes, easy to combine
  • Skirts in two lengths
  • Best price to quality ratio

Want to know more?

Are you considering do├»ng business with RM-Collections, or do you have any questions? Please contact us on [email protected]!